We offer you the cutting edge technology with an artistic twist.

We cut, craft and create what you conceive.

We bring versatility and flexibility to a rigid industry

We continuously upgrade our equipment and machineries, review and update our software, to improve efficiency, minimize costs and thus better serve and benefit our clients.

Water jet technology is unique in many ways:

  • It is powerful
  • It is cost effective
  • It is reliable and precise
  • It is versatile
  • It is software driven therefore requires minimum supervision
  • It yield maximum productivity with low wastage
  • It utilizes low cost, inert and readily available material to function
  • It is safe to work with in terms of odor, fume and other toxins and residue


The ultimate cutting
technology just got a
little better.

Our versatility apply water jet technology to much broader group of products with a cut above the rest. Our unique approach and flexibility lends itself to a fully customized design, production and assemblage not usually associated with the rigid water jet technology.

Our technical know-how and experience enables us to streamline production, and optimally utilize material and skilled manpower to the benefit of our clients.

From design and material selection to scheduling and execution, our technical staff will advise, supervise the work and stay with you until the project is terminated to your complete satisfaction.